Two dance-related opportunities: Dance & Disability Affinity Group conference call & Research Sessions

Greetings DisArts Bay Area followers, two great opportunities related to integrated dance are happening now: 1) RSVP for the Dance & Disability Affinity Group Conference Call 2) Researchers at UC Santa Cruz are looking for participants

For the very first time, the Dance & Disability Affinity Group Conference Call (RSVP to the doodle here: will be taking place this month.  This opportunity is open to one anyone who is interested in the field of physically integrated, inclusive, integrated, mixed ability, or wheelchair dance.

You do not need to be a member and the first call will be an opportunity to connect and discuss where the group might go from there.

Joining Dance/USA’s Dance & Disability Affinity Group connects you with your colleagues – across the U.S. – who are also creating and working in the space of integrated and inclusive dance. Dance/USA has generously offered to host this Dance & Disability Affinity Group as part of its commitment to equity for people with disabilities.  Dance/USA will handle all administration, coordination and dissemination of information as part of its programming assuring consistency, continuity, and sustainability of the group.”

If you have any questions, please contact Douglas Scott at or Kellee  Edusei, Director of Member Services for Dance/USA at



Secondly, researchers at UC Santa Cruz are looking to recruit 2 groups of 4 dancers comfortable with choreographing and teaching two short 8 count phrases to each other, being recorded, reviewing that video, and participating in 2 interviews to provide a legitimate scientific representation of physically-integrated Dance and its teaching. Participants are invited for 2 sessions:

-at least 1 year of experience in Physically-Integrated, inclusive, or adaptive dance, experience with choreography preferred but not required (at least one teacher-training in one of these practices is also sufficient)
 Session 1
– a 20-40 minute prep-interview, scheduled to fit your schedule.
– a teaching session and debriefing with your group where you learn and teach each other your phrases on the same day as the prep interview. minimum 3-4 hours. (if it goes over, you will continue to be paid by the hour)
Location: To be arranged in an accessible dance studio in the Bay Area.
 Session 2
-a two-hour video watching session to be scheduled for your convenience in the same month.
Location: flexible, To be arranged at the earliest convenience.
We understand your busy schedule, and would greatly appreciate the chance to get to work with you if you do qualify under these criteria.
Interested? Contact James Severson:


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