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Reclamation Press: New disabled-centered publishing company

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Reclamation Press is a new publishing company created by Elizabeth “Ibby” Grace and Corbett Joan OToole. They publish fiction and non-fiction books by people within diverse disability communities and are seeking authors living at intersections such as disability, race, and class. They strongly believe that people living at the junctions of multiple communities create books that expand our horizons and enrich the lives of individuals and communities. Check out their new blogposts and follow them on twitter and FB by going to the Reclamation Press website here. The image here features the cover design of “Fading Scars: my queer disability history” which was a finalist for the Lamda Literary Awards in 2016 and on the ‘must read’ for the 2016 Women’s March in 2017.

To quote the Reclamation Press website “Fading Scars distills 40 years of activism in disability, queer, parenting communities. You’ve never read anything like it. Funny and engaging, Corbett pulls the curtains back on the humor and pathos of living as a disabled queer in a world that doesn’t welcome either with open arms. Corbett Joan OToole is a lovable badass writer and historian. Her take-no-prisoners insights are tempered with poignant tales of beautiful acts of kindness in an often too-harsh world. When she is not writing, she’s quilting her world onto fabric, laughing with other social outcasts and mentoring amazing disability activists.

Image of the cover features artwork by artist Sandi Yee,

Image description:  “a close up of a light brown-skinned body from just below the belly button to the top of the thighs. The focal point is the subject’s “two hands with two fingers each that are crossed at the wrist and hang down in front of the shorts. The shorts are cutaway to show the “faded scars” at each hipbone.”

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