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Category: Disability Art

“Where all bodies are exquisite” by painter Riva Lehrer

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Read a really interesting NYT op-ed piece by disabled artist Riva Lehrer that combines her art and a little about her teaching medical students.

Image shows a 2003 painting by Riva Lehrer of poet and essayist Eli Clare. On the left of the painting is the figure of Clare with wire-rimmed glasses, short cropped ginger hair, wearing hiking boots, denim shorts and pale blue shirt, kneeling in a forest, with one knee on the ground, looking to the bottom right of the painting. A small tree with red leaves is growing up through Clare’s shirt and there is ambiguity as to whether there is a struggle or a conscious process going on with the tree. On the ground in the middle of the painting are snippets of ginger hair and plaits. A cosy looking blue checked garment lies in front of the tree to the right of the painting.


Opulent Mobility 2017 Entries Open

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from Laura Brody extolling artists to submit pieces to Opulent Mobility 2017:

I want you to be excited and inspired to submit strong work to Opulent Mobility. It’s my responsibility as the developer and curator to engage artists to help make Opulent Mobility a truly radical showcase for re-imagining disability. So I am offering a challenge.

I challenge you to imagine a world where mobility, disability, and access can be opulent.

I challenge you to approach the work with thoughtfulness, humor, creativity, and care.

Because if we do not imagine a better world, we can’t make one happen.

In return, I promise to share your work everywhere I can.

Submit your artwork at www.opulentmobility com