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Author: Anthony Tusler

Art & Technology

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The Wall Street Journal has a long article about Sara Hendren at Olin College and her work on bringing an artistic perspective to the design of disability-related products. Amanda Cachia Gambrel, who was in the Bay Area while at California Institute of the Arts—she’s now in the San Diego/LA area, worked with them to develop a very cool collapsible lectern. Amanda is one of the top curators of disability art and is always getting involved in interesting projects. The article describes various projects that combine technology with a flair for an aesthetic sensibility.

Amanda Cachia Gambrell
Amanda Cachia Gambrell at an art gallery

Opulent Mobility 2017 Entries Open

Posted in Call for entry, and Disability Art

from Laura Brody extolling artists to submit pieces to Opulent Mobility 2017:

I want you to be excited and inspired to submit strong work to Opulent Mobility. It’s my responsibility as the developer and curator to engage artists to help make Opulent Mobility a truly radical showcase for re-imagining disability. So I am offering a challenge.

I challenge you to imagine a world where mobility, disability, and access can be opulent.

I challenge you to approach the work with thoughtfulness, humor, creativity, and care.

Because if we do not imagine a better world, we can’t make one happen.

In return, I promise to share your work everywhere I can.

Submit your artwork at www.opulentmobility com

Park McArthur @ SF MOMA

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Park McArthur writes that she has passes to see her exhibit at San Francisco’s Museum of Modern Art. Just drop DisArts a line.

There’s a captioned video online too!

The museum has made a captioned video describing some of the work and ideas in the show. The video has been added to this webpage within the museum’s website:
The captioning cc button is on the bottom right-hand side of the video screen.