Artful Steps Annual Art Auction, San Leandro

Brightly colored and lively shapes, abstract lines and shapes, with a sun top left and

Don’t miss the 17th Annual Art Auction by the Artful Steps program in San Leandro. Many of the artists create wonderful embroidery and ceramic pieces that make great gifts. The auction is  this Friday, November 17 at the 21st Amendment Brewery, 2010 Williams Street, San Leandro, CA 94577, from 6-9pm. Lots of great art available and many of the artists will be present.

Brightly colored and lively shapes, abstract lines and shapes, with a sun top left and
“All Things” by Kathleen Miller, Acrylic

Artful Steps is dedicated to promoting the talent of our artists through organizing community-based events throughout the year. Since its inception the Artful Steps program has had exhibits in Oakland: at the Oakland City Hall and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission; in San Leandro: at the San Leandro Main Library’s art galleries and Sabino’s Café’: and Union City: at Paddy’s Coffee House and the Sports Center. Annually, since 2000, Artful Steps organizes a live art auction! More than half of the sale of the artwork goes to the artists themselves, with Stepping Stones’ share used to cover the cost of materials and framing.

For more information about Artful Steps contact Missy Brooks 510-567-2621

Participating artists include: Saneya Ayler, Josh Benshop, Chris Carr, LaTanya Carter, Christy Catchings, Ginger Churches, Gareth DeCuir, Ranjit Dhillon, Teresa Diaz, Randy Eaton, Diane Garner, Susan Griffin, Sean Groom, Marie Grube, Diane Hilmer, Darrell Holmes, Tracy Johnson, Scott Kenney, Donna Kurtz, Harrison Kusel, Sally Lewis, Lisa Lipton, Sandra Littlejohn, Lisa Lyons, Katheleen Miller, Brennan Nicholas, Mona Nonette, David Parsons, Demetri Petropoulos, Melissa Poe, Darlene Posey, Jelani Privette, Edy Ray, Mason Reed, Karen Ridge, Jackie Riley, Jade Saren, Curtis Simmons, Anna Smith, Robert Smith, Rudy Thomas, Lolita Triplette, Michael Trujillo, Zachary Umar-Durr, Stephanie Urbach, Vinny Valenzuela, Kathy Wilson, Fred Young.


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